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Is wordpress down

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How to Check if Your WordPress Website Is Down?

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How to Check if Your WordPress Website Is Down?

WordPress is a powerful platform that changes every time, gets new updates, introduces modules and topics, and some more. It is powerless against crashes in case there are consistent changes and in case it is getting more traffic.

  • There is a possibility that your WordPress website is only down on your end. That is the reason we need to actually take a look at it. So first try to clear your cache and browser history because it might just be a caching problem.
  • The second thing to do is to check the hosting server you rented. A common reason is the hosting server itself is having hardware repair on their servers, maintenance, or worst a security breach happened.
  • Check also if you’ve reached your hosting package limits like server disk space, hosting bandwidth, etc.
  • Validate your domain’s expiry date 
  • Domain highjacking - It occurs when someone illegally gains ownership of your domain. 
  • Decide on a website theme and plugins
  • Determine if weak security is the culprit
  • Troubleshoot your WordPress Configurations


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