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search google or type a url

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search google or type a url what is it?

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Search google or type a url what is it?

Search Google or type URL is something you type when your life is going nowhere, and you have so little happening that you have to type something so worthless. The new Chrome 36 version of Canary has been used by Google to test new ideas, such as burying the full URL within the top-level domain name.

In fact, it's the fastest and most reliable way to load sites, particularly those that aren't indexed by Google or other search engines. When you need to reach only a specific section of a website or if you cannot remember its exact URL, you're best off typing in the URL and keyword into the search bar.  

 "Search Google or type a URL" are the default words displayed in the Chrome address bar or search box (now called Omnibox) when you open a new tab. Using Chrome is made so much easier by giving you two choices. Enter a keyword in the Omnibox and press Enter to see the search results, or just type in the specific URL in the Omnibox and press Enter to go directly to the page.  

Search Google or Type a URL, What Is It & Which to Choose?