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How to Enable PHP ZIP

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What is php ZIP?

Zip is a file format that supports lossless compression. Usually a ZIP file contains files or directories that have been compressed. PHP ZipArchive can be used to zip and unzip files. If the class is not already installed, you will need to install it.

How to Enable PHP ZIP

  1. There was an uncaught error when working with the class ZipArchive.
  2. Use PHP -m and grep -i zip.
  3. Install libzip-dev zip && docker-php-ext-install zip using apt-get.
  4. Enter apt-get install -y php-zip.
  5. Make sure Apache2 is running.
  6. Restart NGINX.

CyberKeeda: PHP How to install, configure and enable ZIP Extension from  source code within centos / rhel 6