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How to highlight in google docs?

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How To Highlight in Google Docs ?

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Step by step procedure for Highlight in Google Docs


In order to highlight text, it must be marked in a different colour. This ensures that the selected piece(s) of text stand out from the rest of the document. Text highlighting is an important feature of all word processing tools. I will guide you step by step on how to highlight a text in Google Docs in this article.


1. Begin by locating the horizontal toolbar at the top of your screen. Then, click "Add-ons". The drop-down menu will appear once you click on the "Add-ons" button. Then, click "Get add-ons.

get add ons



2. "After you click on “Get add-ons” a pop-up window will appear on the screen. From there, type “Highlight tool” into the search box located within the upper right-hand corner. you'll then see an inventory of related options. From that list, select the primary option labeled “Highlight tool”. Google will then ask you to grant permission for add-ons to access your document.


highlight tool


3. Once you’ve granted access to your document, head back to the “Add-ons” button in the toolbar. From that point, you'll see that the “Highlight tool” has been added to the menu alternative. Click “Highlight tool” and afterward select "Start" from the pop-up menu that has shown up.

start highlight tool


4. After clicking on "Start," a menu will open on the right half of your screen. Discover the button for "Highlighter library" and snap. From that point, a spring up window will show up. In the text boxes given, make a name and afterward pick a comparing tone for your features. To pick another classification, click the "+" button.

highlighter library

5. To feature the text, drag your mouse over a segment of your record. From that point, utilize the feature instrument on the right half of the page and snap on the shading you might want to apply.

6. By sending out your reports into another document, the entirety of your thoughts are naturally coordinated flawlessly, by shading and name. To make this different record, click on the button marked, "By shading" under the title, "Concentrate Highlights" at the lower part of the "Feature Tool" menu.

by color

From that point, another window will show up on the screen which will give you the choice to choose an objective for this data to be produced. Whenever you've picked an objective, click, “Extract.”